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The Lindsay Tract Trails are located north of Ferndale on the Bruce Peninsula.

A five-year plan will
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Where are Geocaches hidden?

Geocaches are mostly hidden on public recreational lands.  They are only hidden on private land if the landowner has given permission. encourages hiders to receive permission to hide a Geocache from the land management agency responsible for the area they wish to hide the Geocache in.

Geocaches are never buried.  They are mostly hidden in natural crevices created by rocks, stumps & trees.  Many are cleverly camouflaged to look like branches, stumps, squirrel & bird nests or birdhouses.  The person that hides a cache will leave a hint on the cache page so that a cache seeker will not damage an area trying to find a hidden Geocache.

Geocaches should be clearly marked with the name of the Geocache & the cache owner.  Contact information should be found inside on the standard Geocaching letter.

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