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The Lindsay Tract Trails are located north of Ferndale on the Bruce Peninsula.

A five-year plan will
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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a recreational activity that combines "high ... (Read the full answer)

Where are Geocaches hidden?

Geocaches are mostly hidden on public recreational lands.  ... (Read the full answer)

What kinds of containers are used?

Any container that is easily hidden and is weatherproof makes ... (Read the full answer)

What is in a Geocache?

All Geocaches should include a logbook. This is to record ... (Read the full answer)

What should not be in a Geocache?

Geocaching is a family activity.  Therefore no alcohol, ... (Read the full answer)

Who looks after the Geocache?

The cache owner is responsible for maintaining the cache and ... (Read the full answer)

How will Geocaching benefit the lands under your management?

Geocaching brings people from outside of your local area to ... (Read the full answer)

What are some other advantages of Geocaching?

Many Geocaches also teach historic information by having Geocachers ... (Read the full answer)

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